CMHT Research Showcase and Competition


2023 CMHT Research Showcase and Competition

The College of Merchandising, Hospitality and Tourism (CMHT) Research Showcase and Competition was held on April 27 to showcase research projects conducted by CMHT students and reinforce the college's research and innovative culture among students and faculty. CMHT undergraduate and graduate students were the lead authors of their research, which was conducted under CMHT faculty supervision. Please see below for winners of three different categories.

Acknowledgment: This event is organized and judged by the CMHT Research Committee. Special thanks to all committee members for their time and efforts in making it a successful event.

Category I – Completed Graduate Research


Linda Allen (Faculty Advisor: Dr. HaeJung Kim)
“Collaboration of ‘Fashion Metaverse’ with Game Based Competition”


Md Merajur Rahman & Md Tanvir Hasan Siddiqi (Faculty Advisor: Dr. Iva Jestratijevic)
“An Exploratory Study of Modern Slavery in the Post-Pandemic Textile and Apparel Supply Chain”

Le Bich Ngoc (Jennifer) Vo (Faculty Advisor: Dr. Jihye Min)
“Revving Up Revenue: Unlocking the Power Of Cancellation Policies On Booking Intentions”

Sudeshana Paramita Ghose (Faculty Advisor: Dr. Young Hoon Kim)
“Senior Tourism in US and Effective Management for Destinations: A Systematic Literature Review on Senior Tourism”

Mohammed Alamer (Faculty Advisor: Dr. Xi Leung)
“Influencers on Social Media and Their Role in Influencing Saudi Tourists in Choosing the Domestic Destination”

Category II – Graduate Research Proposals


Melat Tefera (Faculty Advisor: Dr. Jiyoung Kim)
“Does the presence of an employee at the self-service checkout improve the customers attitude towards self-service technology?”


Arta Taraz (Faculty Advisor: Dr. Iva Jestratijevic)
“Dressing for Change: Women and Fashion Politics in Postrevolutionary Iran”

Hanel Lee (Faculty Advisor: Dr. Haejung Kim)
“Celebrity Ambassadors: Influencers' Social Roles in Luxury Brands Diffusion on Twitter”

Mozhgan Soltanisehat, Melat Tefera" (Faculty Advisor: Dr. Iva Jestratijevic)
“The Sustainability Initiatives and Reporting: A Case Study of the Nike’s Materiality Assessment – Key Informant Research”

Mozhgan Soltanisehat (Faculty Advisor: Dr. HaeJung Kim)
“#Fashion Tech Clusters in Twitter Hashtag Networks: Identifying Influencers, Opinion Leaders, and Market Mavens”

Category III – Upper-Level Course Projects


Leijha Robinson (Faculty Advisor: Dr. Christy Crutsinger & Dr. Kim Williams)
“Mentoring Needs of Undergraduate Students in the Merchandising & Hospitality Industries”


Jacob Couzens (Faculty Advisor: Dr. Iva Jestratijevic)
“B Corps Movement in the US Fashion Industry: A Systematic Review”

Kathrine Massey (Faculty Advisor: Dr. Christy Crutsinger)
“Mentoring Preferences: A Comparison of Hospitality and Retail Undergraduate Students”

Tabetha Varghese (Faculty Advisor: Dr. Jiyoung Kim)
“Brand Image and Core Values- Social Media Marketing Analysis”