Mission and Purpose


To bring together the brightest minds, impactful ideas, and creativity in academia and industry to translate our research intelligence into actionable consumer insights for industry innovation. 



The Innovation Center for Consumer Insights at UNT provides a venue for advancing consumer insights through industry and academia collaboration.   The center facilitates research, thought leadership, education, event experiences, and talent success. This center serves as UNT’s ‘face’ and ‘evangelism’ of communication with industry and the greater community through ongoing research and dialog.  


Research Center Goals 

1. Objective Thought – Support inquiry and dialogue about the current and future states of consumer insights research.  

2. Global Discovery – Create academic and industry partnerships that support research in consumer insights.  

3. Talent Development – Enhance student knowledge of consumer insights using discovery and discourse to formulate and exchange ideas.  

4. Excellence Awards – Recognize excellence in consumer insight research and thought leadership through competitive awards.  

5. Financial Performance – Expand the Center’s resources and impact to support goals 1 – 4.