2023 CMHT Research Showcase and Competition

Call for Proposals


The College of Merchandising, Hospitality and Tourism (CMHT) Research Showcase and Competition aims to: (1) showcase research projects conducted by CMHT students; and (2) reinforce CMHT’s research and innovative culture among students and faculty.


To qualify for the competition: 1) a CMHT graduate and/or undergraduate student must be the lead author of the submission; and 2) the research must have been conducted under CMHT faculty supervision.


The 2023 CMHT Research Showcase and Competition welcomes submissions in the three categories:

Category I       Completed Graduate Research

                        Completed research projects conducted by current graduate students, especially those completing a Thesis or Problem-in-Lieu of Thesis. Works completed by graduate students in Summer 2022, Fall 2022, and Spring 2023 are eligible.

Category II     Graduate Research Proposals

                        Work-in-progress and research proposals conducted by current graduate students.

Category III    Upper-Level Course Projects

Undergraduate research fellow projects and faculty-mentored undergraduate independent research projects.


Category I: Best Graduate Research Award

Category II: Best Graduate Proposal Award

Category III: Best Undergraduate Project Award

Application/Submission Procedures – All Categories:

  1. Students are required to submit an application form and a PPT file of the research poster. The application materials should be submitted to Dr. Jihye Min at Jihye.min@unt.edu for HMGT students & Dr. Iva Jestratijevic at Iva.Jestratijevic@unt.edu for MDR students by 5:00 p.m. CST, April 7, 2023.
  2. Each submission should include the following two documents:
    1. A completed application form; and,
    2. A PPT file of the research poster using a tri-fold poster template provided by the Research Committee. The poster must include at least the following:
      1. Research Title
      2. Name of Student
      3. Clearly defined purpose, rationale, etc.
      4. Contribution of the research
      5. Procedure/methodology
      6. Findings
      7. Implications (i.e., industry and/or academic)
      8. At least three images (e.g., table, graph, conceptual framework). Illustrative material should be simple and readable from a distance of two feet.


Important Dates:

Friday, April 7 – Submissions are due no later than 5:00 pm for blind review.

Friday, April 13 – Notifications sent to students and faculty mentors.  Accepted submissions are sent to Design Works.

Friday, April 21 – Students pick up posters from Design Works (There is no cost for students to print out the posters.)

Thursday, April 27

  • 3:20pm – Students set up posters.
  • 3:30pm – 4:00pm: Students stay with the poster during the showcase time. Poster Boards: The poster format is trifold (self-supported) and fits within a three-foot table space.  Students should place the poster on the pre-assigned table and stand by the poster until CMHT Celebrates begins. 
  • 4:00pm – 5:30pm: Awards announced at CMHT Celebrates.


Tips for Poster Presentations

  • Poster presentations provide the opportunity for the presenter and the audience to talk with one another. A physical arrangement similar to an exhibit area is used for this interaction.  A space for displaying the poster is assigned to each presenter. During the designated period, the audience can review poster displays and interact with students.
  • Poster presentation recommendations:
    • Construct the poster to include the title, student’s name, and a description of the research, highlighting the major elements of the project.
    • Minimize detail and try to use simple, jargon-free statements.
    • Remember that pictures, tables, and figures are amenable to poster display.
    • Use colors in your visuals.
    • Make sure lettering is neatly done and is large enough to be read from a distance.
    • Consider using a flow chart or graphic to provide a viewer with a guide to your poster.
    • Avoid overwhelming viewers with excessive amounts of information; rather, construct a poster display that enhances conversation.
    • Posters must be professionally prepared (e.g., UNT Design Works).
    • It is an honor to present at a research competition. You should prepare a neat, well-organized display and to be present at your display for the entire poster session period.


Judging Criteria:


Poster Judging Criteria




     Clearly defined purpose






    Aesthetic presentation


    Use the elements and principles of design




    Relevance to industry/practicality of the idea




    Professional, easy to read, ability to explain research


Total Point



Questions regarding competition eligibility, rules, and submission of applications should be directed to the research committee chairs Dr. Jihye Min at Jihye.min@unt.edu or Dr. Iva Jestratijevic at Iva.Jestratijevic@unt.edu.